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    It's time to stop being hostage to calamities, pandemics, recessions and all forms of crises. It's been crazy for more than 2 years now - ECQ, GCQ, Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3, Surge 1, Surge 2, Surge 3, Alpha Variant, Beta Variant, Delta Variant, Lambda Variant and all these things that are threatening our future...

    Then there were temporary threats of new diseases and resurgence of previous ones..

    And then the economic crisis continues, wordlwide...

    It's time to ask ourselves: Do we adjust and move forward, or should we just wait and get left behind? Are we sure this will not remain for the years to come? And if we eventually get past this disasters, are we sure they are not coming back in whatever form in the years to come?

    Disaster Around The World from 2020 - 2022

    2022 can be called 2020-Too. Do you have a backup plan when we are forced to shut down again or when a similar disaster strikes?

    Massive economic recession worldwide in 2023

    We feel this now. I know you do. Inflation is hitting the ceiling and people are losing jobs. 2023 seems to show no mercy at all!

    Making things worse for many people is the rapid advancement of technology, supposedly meant to make life easier for everyone...

    These are illustrations of my sales funnels and chat bot sequences. My automation tools replace 15-20 humans working 24/7. Additionally, almost all of these have been fully paid, on lifetime deals.

    But while these advancements in marketing automation save businesses a lot of money, they make a lot of people lose jobs. And the jobs lost will continue to increase as the technologies scale higher.

    Now ask yourself... Will you be a victim or a beneficiary of technology

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be taking over a lot of jobs. Here are some examples how robots will make life easier for marketers but difficult for a lot of people:

  • An agency with 100 copywriters may only need 10 because AI will make it easier to do the job

  • A hospital could remove more than half of its workforce when bots can perform certain tasks with 100x more accurancy and efficiency compared to humans. For example, a robot could make intravenous injections with 100% accuracy even to infants and people whose veins are difficult to find

  • Driverless vehicles especially commercial ones will become more efficient and safe

  • All these massive developments in automation and AI will create a massive shakeup. It will happen very fast. On which side will you be?

    Here's Why You Need This NOW!

  • Earn On Lockdown

    With digital marketing, you are not held hostage by persistent lockdowns and quarantine. We don't know when this will end, these lockdowns and quarantines and waves 1 and 2 and 3 and whatever. You can earn when other economies will recover by selling and offering services abroad even when we are down.

    Earn Anywhere

    By getting opportunities to earn online, you can earn anywhere you want and the only requirement is decent internet connection and of course your device. You can work at the beach, at the mountains, while travelling and even while taking of your growing kids or ailing relatives. The borders of the world are open for you.

    Earn Anytime

    By running your affairs online, you can work at any time zones. You can work for clients abroad, or sell your products and services to people across different time zones. You can get project-based income so you can work at your best time. Online opportunities allow you to budget your time efficiently so you have time for your family.

    Earn With Family

    Through digital marketing and freelancing, you can continue to earn while spending time with your family. You can take care of loved ones when they're sick and you can attend to the needs of your family even during working hours. Suddenly, work-life balance is achievable and many people are doing it now. So can you...

  • Last Dec 16, 2021, we in Bohol were severely devastated by Typhoon Odette. Fortunately, because my digital business is done online and delivered online, I was still able to continue my livelihood.

  • 8-hour lines at gas stations

    Homes in disarray

    Empty grocery shelves

  • If you want an income source that is least unaffected by lockdowns and calamities, then this is definitely for you!

    Introducing - DashNex PowerTech PRO

    dashnex logo store builder website builder shopify alternative

    Store Builder

  • Launch a local delivery or dropshipping store, sell services, event tickets, print-on-demand or other digital products

  • Intuitive launch wizard makes it very fast and easy to launch your store in minutes. This is the ecom store that your grandmother can build!

  • With more than 80% of traffic coming from mobile devices, DashNex Store Builder is fully optimized and mobile responsive resulting in top-notch customer experience for any type of ONLINE STORE where you can offer UNLIMITED products in ANY CURRENCY

  • Easily create HIGH CONVERTING product pages that will make your compelling offer even more appealing to your customers

  • No monthly fees, no transaction charges. Own the store for life

  • Can accept PayPal, Stripe, credit/debit cards, cash on delivery (COD), or store pickup

  • You can sell other people's products and take a commission, or rent out the top spot of featured items

  • Superior marketing features such as countdown timers, post-sale upsells, coupon codes, dynamic free shipping bars, product linking and many others which you would pay monthly if you were with other providers, but totally FREE with DashNex

  • 1-click product import if you have existing inventory in your files. For dropshippers, you can easily do a 1-click product import from AliExpress

  • Product Review Engine lets you control the reviews that gets shown and gives you an option to instantly reward customers who leave awesome reviews through unique discount codes

  • State-of-the-art cart and checkout system designed from the results of intensive research done on the world's biggest stores

  • Use the checkout links to sell products even outside your ecom store through the Straight-To-Checkout feature

  • Assign User-Managers with limited rights

  • Product feeds to directly sync your store inventory with Facebook Shops and Google Shopping

  • Create private offers for your special customers' eyes only

  • Website Builder

  • Create websites, sales funnels, different kinds of landing pages and blogs

  • Build a website from scratch using our state of art LIMITLESS editor, which also includes a drag & drop webpage builder, inline editor for templates, WYSIWIG Editor, and even get inside the code and do top-level modifications if you have the skill

  • Create sales or lead generation funnels, run sweepstake campaigns and deliver lead magnets

  • Easy Optins feature allows you to get leads even without an autoresponder

  • Common Features

  • Get SEO traffic to your websites and stores with our proprietary SEO tools

  • Experience the webpage loading speed like no other platform can provide out of the box

  • Receive unrestricted access to our extensive library of step by step video tutorials and documentation (updated regularly)

  • Hosting already included. No monthly fees to think of

  • Automatic affiliate of DashNex PowerTech PRO, earning as much as 50% commission

  • Install Facebook Pixel, Google Tags and other tracking codes so you can follow the customer journey and act accordingly to maximize conversions

  • Robust automation option through Zapier integration

  • Integrate with popular email autoresponders so you can follow-up abandoned carts abd build great relationships with customers to ensure maximum retention

  • You can also sell websites and stores to other people and earn robust profits while working at home or at the beach or wherever you want. Just contact me if you need more stores for your clients and we can discuss all options available at a very affordable price

  • Access to DashNex Powertech PRO Facebook Group

  • Get UNLIMITED, 24/7 email & chat support, and so much more

  • Sample Websites, Blogs and Ecommerce Stores created through DashNex PowerTech

  • Want to verify how much this software is really sold if you buy straight from DashNex? Check the links below. The sales page will show you that the basic pack is being sold at $27 and the PRO Upgrade at $97, for a total of $124. And you can get it direct from me at a massive 93% discount!!!

  • This Product is for you if you are:

  • A freelancer looking to build your online presence at a super low price

  • A newbie looking for tools to start your digital marketing journey without breaking the bank

  • An agency looking for digital assets that don't come with recurring fees

  • An online seller looking for a vehicle that can be used to promote your products through organic and paid means

  • Just anyone who knows that the digital marketplace is the only way to protect yourself against crises that will come at any time

  • You will truly love this if you're:

  • A small business looking for an affordable online solution

  • You can use this to grow whatever business you are in - sari2x store, carenderia, community store, convenience store, restaurant, home-based enterprise, printshop, service provider or any business imaginable. 

  • This is for you even if you don't have any business but are planning to eventually have one soon, so you can take advantage of this low-price opportunity

  • You are already online selling in social media but want to be protected from sudden shutdowns

  • Earn Anywhere you like at a super low ONE-TIME PRICE so you can be with your loved ones without having to spend a lot of time, energy and money on software and other tools

    Reasons Why You Need This Package:

  • You can do this business anywhere you want, as long as there is internet connection. You can travel, take care of your kids, visit your friends from far away or relocate anytime you want without disrupting your source of income

  • Your income is protected even from calamities. Last December 16, my province of Bohol was terribly damaged by Typhoon Odette. We suffered serious damages and losses and inconvenience, but my income kept coming as my ads were still running. During the typhoon, I had 60+ ads running and I continue to run these ads. Physical business were damaged and so many are closing for a very long time, but my digital business continues to hustle for me, helping me rise up faster. As of this day, we still have no power, no water, no fuel, and communication is intermittent. Many businesses need major repairs before they can open up again, but people doing business online somehow find relief with continuous flow of income

  • COVID is still around and continues to threaten us, especially with the Omicron variant rearing its ugly head. With an online income source, you will not be affected by lockdowns. You might even benefit from it

  • Since there are no physical inventories, no stocks, you won't be burdened with heavy capitalization, spoilage, theft and other risks. It's an online business with an online delivery system, and a big chunk of the processes can be automated so that you continue to earn even while you sleep

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    Get this amazing offer today for just P497, and get a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it for any reason, simply send us an email and we'll send refund you every penny – no questions asked! We will simply get back the store and sell to other customers.

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    Bonus 1: Ecommerce Email Templates

    Email templates built for ecommerce so you can immediately build a great relationship with your leads and customers

    Bonus 2: 50% Referral Fee

    Once you purchase this product, you become an affiliate so you can promote this to your friends. Or you can buy at a 50% discount in case you want to build websites and ecommerce stores for your clients

    So here is everything that you get...

    We want you to have the best chance to succeed after you own this revolutionary business opportunity

    • Ecommerce Store, Website Builder and Blog from DashNex Powertech

      [Value: P7,000]

    • BONUS #1 - Email Sequences for Ecommerce (19 fill-in-the-blanks emails)

      [Value: P9,500]

    • BONUS #2 - 50% Referral Fee / Discount on next purchase of additional website and store builder [Value: Priceless]

    Value of Ecom Store of Website Builder: P7,000.00

    Value of Bonuses: P9,500.00

    Total Value: P16,500.00

    One-Time Add-on Payment Today: P297 

    Online store and website is manually created and will be delivered to you in 1 Day. Bonuses and instructions will be delivered ahead so you can take action right away

    Special Discounted Price & Bonuses is guaranteed only within 24 hours of purchasing the Social Media Toolkit!









    WARNING: This is NOT a get-rich quick scheme. if you don't do anything after buying this product, nothing will happen. Pls don't buy if you are not committed to build your business for a better life. We will just be wasting each other's time.