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Everything You Need To Level Up Your Real Estate Business Online with Less Time & Effort

Social Media Calendar for Health & Fitness

200 Editable Canva Graphics for Insurance & Finance

17 Fill-in-the-blanks Email Templates

2000 Quote Images to jumpstart your pages

5 Blogs for Real Estate So you can build authority

10 Blog Outlines that you can use as framework

Sales Scripts (Headlines, Call-To-Action, Social Media Posts with Quotes and Questions)

Bonuses: Video Tutorials to help you get sales

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What the Social Media Toolkit for Health & Fitness Can do For You

  • Save time on thinking about what to post everyday

  • Save time and money on graphics through the Editable Canva Graphic Templates. The quote images will jumpstart the activity on your social media accounts while you are making edits to the templates.

  • Save time and money in your lead generation campaign through our fill-in-the-blanks email sequences and sales scripts

  • Get high authority by creating blog posts. Our initial 5 blog posts can get you started, and the 10 blog outlines will help you process your ideas faster when it comes to original content

  • What You're Gonna Get:

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  • Social Media Calendar

  • Value: P2,997

    Daily post ideas for 365 days so you don't have to think about what to post everyday. Consistent posts drive engagement from your ideal customers. These are designed to give value to your audience so that you don't have to be selling with every post. After all, people are on social media to build relationships.

  • 200 Editable Canva Graphic Templates

  • Value: P10,000

    Elegant designs optimized for Health & Fitness Business. They can be easily edited so you can add your branding, from colors to fonts and images. All you need is a free Canva account. You will save a lot if money because you no longer have to pay graphic artists and freelancers for your needs. This will make you earn more and spend less!

  • 5000 Quote Images

  • Value: P5,000

    These quote images make you share motivational and inspirational materials to keep your page engaging and full of value. People don't like it when all you do on your page or profile is sell, sell and sell. They're on social media to build relationships. This pack gives ready-made creatives to keep your followers engaged

  • 17 Fill-In-The-Blanks Email Sequences

  • Value: P8,500

    Email is still the most profitable form of marketing. In several studies, it says you get a 42x ROI for every amount you spend. But the problem is, a lot of people have a hard time writing email sequences. This pack makes your email campaign ready in a few minutes. Just replace the details to yours

  • Sales Scripts (Headlines, Call-To-Action, Social Media Posts with Quotes and Questions)

  • Value: P20,000

    These proven sales copies and social media posts make your life so much easier. They come in different formats so you don't have to spend so much precious time thinking about what to write. We understand that sometimes, we get mentally exhausted and a little help goes a long way. Just replace the specifics based on your offer

  • 5 Blog Posts

  • Value: P2,500

    Blogs build authority, We have prepared 5 ready-made blog posts so you can start immediately. You can change the tone and some information to fit your brand. Blogs make prospects think that you are someone who is knowledgeable about your field, and will make them feel more comfortable buying from you.

  • 10 Blog Outlines

  • Value:  P2,000

    These are simple outlines to guide you in writing blogs on your own, so you have something to tease your brain and make it produce amazing ideas. This will also help you neatly organize the thoughts.

  • Awesome Bonuses

  • Priceless

    To really help you in oyur real estate career, we have included video tutorials to help you in selling and lead generation. The Facebook Ads Setup tutorial helps you set up your Business Manager accounts and Ad Accounts so you don't waste your money on boosting posts.

  • Total Value

  • P50,997

  • Today Pay Only:

  • P297


    Email Marketing

    This video tutorial takes you through different tips and tricks to cultivate relationships and increase conversions through email marketing, to dat known as the most profitable marketing channel in terms of ROI

    Pinterest Marketing

    This marketing channel has been underrated and too many people are missing out on this leading platform especially in terms of organic search.

    Funnel Marketing

    This video tutorial gives you insights on how to get as many leads and customers as possible and increase conversions by optimizing different parts of your sales funnel

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    Here's a sneak peak of the templates. They are all editable. You can change the elements, fonts, images and more. No installation required, just your free Canva account

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