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Stop wasting your time on thinking about what to write and how to design your sales funnels

Sales Funnel Power Pack

1000+ High-converting sales copy templates and email sequences you'll ever need to sell your products & services:

  • Sales Pages

  • Order Bumps

  • Upsell Scripts

  • Thank You Pages

  • Facebook Ads

  • Blog Posts

  • Weekly Newsletters

  • Cold Emails

  • Affiliate Emails

  • Sales Pitch Emails

  • Welcome Sequences

  • Many More!!!

  • Ultimate Time Saver

    Sales Funnel Power Pack

    Who is this for?

  • This product is perfect for small business owners, freelancers, sales agents, financial advisors, MLM entrepreneurs, professionals, real estate agents and everyone else who offer products and / or services

  • This affordable package eliminates the need to hire expensive copywriters

  • Marketing funnels will no longer take a lot of your time

  • This will enable you to communicate with your ideal clients without a lot of guesswork

  • Your headaches will be gone as you no longer have to stare blankly at your computer screen not knowing what to do or where to start

  • Here's Why You Need This NOW!

  • Earn On Lockdown

    With digital marketing, you are not held hostage by persistent lockdowns and quarantine. We don't know when this will end, these lockdowns and quarantines and waves 1 and 2 and 3 and whatever. You can earn when other economies will recover by selling and offering services abroad even when we are down.

    Earn Anywhere

    By getting opportunities to earn online, you can earn anywhere you want and the only requirement is decent internet connection and of course your device. You can work at the beach, at the mountains, while travelling and even while taking of your growing kids or ailing relatives. The borders of the world are open for you.

    Earn Anytime

    By running your affairs online, you can work at any time zones. You can work for clients abroad, or sell your products and services to people across different time zones. You can get project-based income so you can work at your best time. Online opportunities allow you to budget your time efficiently so you have time for your family.

    Earn With Family

    Through digital marketing and freelancing, you can continue to earn while spending time with your family. You can take care of loved ones when they're sick and you can attend to the needs of your family even during working hours. Suddenly, work-life balance is achievable and many people are doing it now. So can you...

  • If you want an income source that is least unaffected by lockdowns and calamities, then this is definitely for you!


    Easy-to-follow scripts and sales copy templates that will take away all the hassle and headache of thinking and overthinking

    1000+ Done-For-You Promo Email Templates (Value: P50,000)

    Exclusive collection of 1000+ Promo Email Templates to help you write better marketing emails, posts, ads faster and easier

    100+ Full Page screen shots of high-converting websites (Value: P15,000)

    Sometimes, we get stuck when we don't know where to start. Seeing a full picture of successful designs saves us so much time 

    8 Facebook Ad Templates (Value: P3,976)

    High-converting scripts for Facebook ads so you can straight-away run your campaigns without spending so much time thinking about what to write

    5 Sales Page + 2 Upsell Page Templates (Value: P24,985)

    Ready-made sales page templates that will eliminate the need to hire a copywriter. All you need to do is to insert your details

    2 Thank You Page Template (Value: P3,994)

    Confirmation pages or Thank You Pages are a great way to make your customers feel good about their purchase, as well as a great opportunity to sell more

    4 Order Bump Templates (Value: P7,988)

    These are scripts to increase your revenue at the checkout page. It's useless to offer great value to your customers if they don't understand how great your offer is

    1 Welcome Sequence -
    6 Emails (Value: P2,982)

    A welcome sequence not only builds relationship with your leads and customers, it also builds your authority so that your customers will always come back for more

    10 Sales Pitch Emails (Value: P4,970)

    Sales emails will make sure that you communicate your offer properly and bring your message across, so that your leads will understand the value you bring

    6 Cold Email Templates
    (Value: P2,982)

    Business owners, agencies, freelancers and sales people also need to get in touch with complete strangers to pitch their services. These templates come handy

    6 Affiliate Email Templates (Value: P2,982)

    Your own offers will most likely not be enough to earn income. Fortunately, affiliate marketing is here to give you products to earn from. This sequence will greatly help you here

    6 Blog Post Templates (Value: P17,982)

    Blogging is a multi-billion dollar industry and there are many ways to earn from it. But it is very daunting. These carefully crafted templates will save you a lot of time

    5 Special Offer Emails (Value: P2,485)

    These bonuses I give you are all aligned to this product once you purchase them. They will give you some ideas on generating more revenue from this purchase

    1 Cart Abandon Sequence (Value: P1,988)

    People have a habit of adding things to cart and completely forgetting about them. A great cart abandonment sequence puts the money back to our pockets

    4 Follow Up Emails (Value: P1,988)

    People may not buy at first instance. A good follow up sequence is needed so we don't leave money on the table

    4 LinkedIn Cold Pitch Template (Value: P17,982)

    A lot of marketers and agencies have earned so much with cold leads. 
    We just need a good script so we don't look spammy

    Weekly Newsletters-20 Emails (Value: P9,940)

    Weekly newsletters are a great way to connect with your audience regularly so that you can continue to nurture relationships and show the value you bring

    1000+ Done-For-You Email Templates, Sales & Ads Copy, Landing Page Designs and More!


    Total Value: P166,115

    Super Sale Price: P97!

    There’s no need to learn how to become an amazing copywriting from scratch by your own. With our sales copy templates, you’ll be able to follow our proven blueprint to go from 0 to a 6-figure funnel copywriter



    These bonuses will supercharge the Sales Copy Power Pack

    Email Marketing Video Tutorial
    Value: P1,997

    This video presentation leads through the customer utilizing email marketing. So many people nowadays say that email marketing is dead, but the truth of the matter is that this digital marketing channel remains to be the most profitable among all other platforms, and "the money is on the list" remains more true today than it was before.

    Watch and learn as our expert guides you through the ins and outs of email marketing.

    Funnel Building Video Tutorial
    Value: P1,997

    Selling through a sales funnel is the most effective way to offer your products from free lead magnets to low-ticket items and high-ticket offers. Selling your bundles immediately at a high price is almost a surefire way to fail. People nowadays want to see your offers first by buying your lower priced products and free offers before they jump in to your higher priced products and services. You need to provide value immediately to give them confidence in the quality of your other offers.

    This tutorial will be another complement to this purchase.

    Social Media Marketing
    Value: P1,997

    This tutorial guides you on how you can effectively promote your  or your clients' businesses through social media marketing. This will also help you in crafting offers that sell to guide you in using the templates in this package.


    Buy today to receive all the sales copy templates + bonuses for just P97.

  • 1000+ Professionally Written Done-For-You Promotional Email Templates (Value: P50,000)

  • 100+ Full Page Screenshots of high-converting landing pages (Value: P15,000)

  • 8 Facebook Ad Templates (Value: P3,976)

  • 5 Sales Page Templates (Value: P24,985)

  • 4 Order Bump Templates (Value: P7,988)

  • 2 Upsell Page Templates (Value: P3,944)

  • 2 Thank You Page Template (Value: P3,944)

  • 10 Sales Pitch Emails (Value: P4,970)

  • 1 Welcome Email Sequence - 6 Emails (Value: P2,982)

  • 20 Weekly Newsletters (Value: P9,940)

  • 6 Cold Email Templates (Value: P2,982)

  • 6 Affiliate Email Templates (Value: P2,982)

  • 6 Blog Post Templates (Value: P17,982)

  • 5 Special Offer Emails (Value: P2,485)

  • 1 Cart Abandon Sequence - 4 Emails (Value: P1,988)

  • 4 Follow Up Emails (Value: P1,988)

  • 4 LinkedIn Cold Pitch Templates (Value: P1,988)

  • BONUS 1: Email Marketing Video Tutorial (Value: P1,997)

  • BONUS 2: Funnel Building Video Tutorial (Value: P1,997)

  • BONUS 3: Social Media Marketing Video Tutorial (Value: P1,997)

  • Total Value: P166,115

    Super Sale Price: P97

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