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more checklists, templates, funnels and other resources you will truly love

Be a Digital Marketing Expert without spending thousands of hours of learning & testing in addition to the thousands of dollars you will need to spend to get prime courses. I wrote them all down so you can implement without all the sleepless nights and heavy spending I went through.

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Get Access to the Digital Marketing Checklists To Increase Your Income


People who do not equip themselves with digital marketing skills and use tools to level up their marketability and those who do not find a way to earn online will get left behind and sacrifice not only their future but their families' as well

Here are some of the checklists that you get

    Social Media Checklist

  • Create a Facebook Ads Account Using Business Manager

  • Organizing Your Facebook Ad Account

  • Proper Naming Of Your Facebook Ads Account

  • User Access For Facebook Assets (Ad Accounts, Pages, Pixels, etc)

  • Verifying Domains At Facebook Business Manager

  • Map Out Your Facebook Ads Campaigns

  • Install the Facebook Pixel

  • Adding Facebook Pixel To Shopify

  • Cart-Abandonment Retargeting Campaign Using Facebook Ads

  • Facebook Conversion Tracking (Using GTM)

  • Creating Lookalike Audiences

  • Seting Up Facebook Lead ads

  • Choosing Your Facebook Ads Campaign

  • Facebook Ads Targeting

  • Spying On Your Competitor's Facebook Ads Strategy

  • How To Configure Your Facebook Ads Conversions

  • Twitter Conversion Tracking Thru GTM

  • Pinterest Conversion Tracking Thru GTM

  • Setting up TikTok Pixel Thru GTM

  • Setting up Snapchat Pixel Thru GTM

  • Setting up LinkedIn Insights Tag Thru GTM

  • WordPress Setup

  • How to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Website

  • Migrating an Existing WordPress Website To Better URLs

  • On-Page Optimization (Using Yoast)

  • WordPress Optimization For Speed

  • Adding Google Tag Manager To WordPress

  • URL Tracking Through UTMs

  • Sending Bulk Outreach Emails

  • Creating Your Own Business Email For Free

  • I printed my own copies because I feel comfortable sometimes looking through these checklists on paper.

    Google Master Checklist

  • Creating An Google Ads Account

  • Adding Google Ads Tag To A Site Through GTM

  • Setting Up User Access For Google Ads Accounts

  • Adding Google Ads Conversion Tracking Trough GTM

  • Spying On Your Competitor's Google Ads Strategy

  • Abandoned-cart Campaigns With Google Display

  • Excluding Selected Traffic From Google Analytics

  • Conversion Goals In Google Analytics

  • Tracking Subdomains Correctly In GA

  • Displaying Subdomains In Your GA Reports

  • Google Analytics Annotations For Events Tracking

  • Adding Google Analytics To Shopify

  • Search Console Data Configuration In Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics Alerts Setup For Monitoring

  • Spying On Your Competitor's Traffic Sources

  • Different User Access For Google Analytics 360 Suite Products (GA, GTM, Optimize)

  • Adding Google Analytics Through GTM

  • Tracking Cross-Domains With GTM

  • Adding Google Tag Manager To Shopify Store

  • Installing Different Tools On Your Site Using GTM

  • Adding Google Tag Manager To WordPress

  • Setting Up A New Google My Business Account

  • Setting Up A Google My Business Organization Account

  • Google My Business Optimization

  • Setting Up Google Search Console

  • Youtube Video Optimization

  • Page-Level SEO Audit

  • Keyword Research / Keyword Mapping

  • Performing On-Page Optimization

  • Clean Your Backlink Profile Thru Link Disavowal

  • URL Tracking Through UTMs

  • Close to 1 ream of bond paper containing pure value. This is the ultimate shortcut to digital marketing implementation.

It's time to stop being hostage to ECQ, GCQ, Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3, Surge 1, Surge 2, Surge 3, Alpha Variant, Beta Variant, Delta Variant, Lambda Variant and all these things that are threatening our future. It's time to ask ourselves: Do we adjust and move forward, or should we just wait and get left behind? Are we sure this will not remain for the years to come?

Total Value: P50,372

Social Media Bundle: P1,397

Google Bundle: P1,397

Entire Library + Bonuses: P2,397

Instant Access, One-time Fee


Who is this for?

This is for people who understand the real value of time. Watching tutorials are very overwhelming and we tend to retain very little information. With this DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLKIT, you take that headache away

  • Small Business Owners who can't afford to hire digital marketers as of the moment

  • Big business owners who want to delegate these tasks to their employees so they can hit the ground running and not waste time in preparation

  • E-commerce entrepreneurs who want to be more profitable with proper implementation of digital marketing techniques

  • Sales Agents who want to sell their products anywhere they can deliver (real estate, insurance, etc)

  • Sales Leaders who want to reach out to the right leads so they can grow their organization fast without being tied down by time constraints

  • Freelancers who want to earn more by offering premium services

  • Agencies who want to save time and don't want to create these checklists from scratch, which would take months to prepare

  • Newbies who don't want to start from scratch and want to save a lot of time and remove the headache of actual implementation

  • Network Marketers who want to offer their products and opportunities on auto-pilot without fear of rejection

  • Professionals who want to reach out to potential clients (doctors, architects, engineers, etc)

  • Imagine this: If your competition has this toolkit and you don't, they are earning money which could have been yours too!


    How I spent thousands of hours for this so you don't have to

    Without my Digital Marketing Checklists, all my certificates would be useless. But because of this very handy toolkit, I can easily go back to implement whatever I need to do. As an active advertiser myself, I am always abreast of a lot of changes in this field.

    If you get this bundle, you no longer need to spend a lot of money on courses. You can get almost all information you need at YouTube and this bundle will make you hit the ground running.


    Includes Free Digital Marketing Tutorials

    These BONUS Tutorials will complement your Digital Marketing Toolkit so you can implement these effectively

    Search Engine Optimization

    Ecommerce & Dropshipping

    Social Media Marketing


    LinkedIn Organic Marketing

    LinkedIn Advertising

    Pinterest Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    Twitter Timeline Ads

    Sales Funnels

    Website Design

    Split Testing

    Online Learning

    Paid Traffic

    Bridge Pages

    Hiring and Outsourcing

    "I created this product for people like me: lazy but wants to accomplish a lot without spending so much money. If you are like me, this product is definitely for you as well."

    Greggy Gatal

    World's Laziest Digital Marketer


    From the Desk of Founder/CEO, Greggy Gatal:

    Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

    If you’re like most digital marketers or businessowners trying to make a mark in the digital field, then you’re probably multi-tasking on so many aspects of your business that sometimes, it makes you lose your mind.

    That’s definitely not a bad thing. It saves you some money that is much needed today especially because times are really uncertain

    But there’s one big problem…

    You are losing on a lot of opportunities if you spend so much time and effort on the little things. These are things that don't really bring in the cash but are still very essential to keep your income coming in.

    You know what I’m talking about, right?

    For example, you have 3 clients willing to pay you decent money to set up their websites and conversion tracking. Unfortunately, you feel that you may not be able to finish the projects on time because some of the requirements are not within your competence, or that you've previously done it but you may have forgotten the steps.

    It’s enough to make you weep about the lost opportunities.

    But hold up – it doesn’t have to be that way…

    Instead of micromanaging a lot of stuff and missing out on opportunities, imagine if you were able to do it more effectively because you could assign or outsource some tasks even to a complete newbie? Or maybe you can still do everything by yourself, but you do a lot more because you have a handy guide that saves you so much time and energy. Or perhaps you are able to save a lot of money because you no longer have to outsource these tasks because you have a tool that makes you do more without stressing you out. Would that interest you?

    Let me present to you, the Ultimate Digital Marketer's Toolkit

    Here Are 3 Good Reasons Why This Toolkit Is The Best Way to lighten your load

    • You can do more projects even on your own because you have a reliable guide which will open up more opportunities to offer premium service

    • You can easily outsource or pass on the task to a newbie because the Digital Marketing Toolkit allows most beginners to do most tasks

    • It makes you onboard teams faster and even allows you to ask help from family members who may otherwise not have the capacity to help youo

    The opportunities are just endless and I really can not see any reason why any marketer, freelancer or business ower would not get this toolkit which is offered now at a super affordable price.

    Introducing Ultimate Digital Marketer's Toolkit – The Surefire Way to Save a lot of time, get more projects and run your business without spending a fortune! This trumps all expensive courses you can ever buy!

    This toolkit shows you how to stop wasting your time and opportunities and start earning more money with less effort

    Here are the possibilities when you order now:

    • Conversion Tracking accross different platforms

    • Easy setup of digital marketing assets

    • You can offer more premium services to earn higher income

    • If you run a small business, you may not need to hire a digital marketer

    • If you run an agency, you can easily onboard members of your time, saving you lots of time and enabling you to take on more projects

    • It's like you've taken in the thousands of hours in attending msterclasses and certificate courses

    • It were as if you were taking all these courses without paying for them. In fact, you're a hundredfold better than people who attend courses but don't have these extensive checklist

    • This fills the gap on some areas that may be unfamiliar to you

    • You are able to add services to your clients on top of what you were hired to do, creating massive goodwill and would definitely lead to so many referrals

    • You’ll find out the top [number] mistakes most [type of people make] when they’re [trying to do a task/get a benefit], and how to avoid them so you can [get better results].

    • Are you short on time? Then you’re going to love [some other component of this, such as a list of time-saving tips] – you can [get a benefit] in as little as [some short amount of time, such as “15 minutes a day”]!

    And much, much more – this toolkit gives you everything you need to levelling up your digital journey and zoom past the competition. It keeps you secure from all forms of quarantine or lockdowns or variants or waves or surges. You only need your device and internet connection

    So, you’re liking what you see. I do not see any reason why you would say no to this. But you have a question – how much is it?

    Let me ask you a question…

    Would You Trade All These Benefits for the less than a price a night at the bar?

    I’m not kidding. If you order now, you can one of the bundles for about the cost of 2 buckets of beer – just P1,397!

    That price may raise your eyebrows. Maybe you’re wondering how we can giveaway so much for such as small price.

    It’s pretty simple, really. [Justify the reason for this price.]

    The bottom line here is that you’re getting a GREAT deal. And to sweeten the pot even more, I’m going to throw in this bonus…

    Order Now and Get [Bonus Product] as My Gift to You!

      This offer is pretty darn amazing just the way it is. But now I’m going to make it absolutely irresistible by throwing in [Bonus] for free when you order today!

      This product] [delivers some specific benefit]. Once you give this a try, you won’t ever [want to do the process without this product/without using this strategy] again – guaranteed!

      This [product] is a [dollar amount] value, but it’s yours free when you order now! That’s why you’ll want to take out your credit card and click the [button/link] below now to get started:

      [insert payment button/link]

      Be bold,

      Greggy Gatal

      P.S. This price will not be kept this low. You will be full of regret once I decide to increase prices. I am sure this wil still sell even at quadruple the price. This literally saves you months of work. Get this now while the price is super affordable.

      Total Value: P50,372

      Social Media Bundle: P1,397

      Google Bundle: P1,397

      Entire Library + Bonuses: P2,397

      Instant Access, One-time Fee



      IS NOT FOR YOU...

      • You don't want to do a little more effort to understand the checklist

      • The Digital Marketing Toolkit will save you hundreds of hours but there are some basic things that you have to do as well. We have taken away 95% of the burden, the rest is up to you. Some people just want money to fall into their laps without exerting any effort, and expect 100x more than what the product offers. This checklist offers a shortcut solution to things that you may not know yet, so you still need to learn a few things more. For example, if you have no idea what a Facebook Pixel is and expect the checklist to be a magic pill and cant even watch a 5-minute video about it on YouTube,, please don't buy this product.

      • You expect me to spoonfeed you with information related to your business

      • We are providing you with probably 90% of all you ever need to succeed online. You need to do your part to research your own business and explore. I have been selling different products and I still receive questions from customers asking me the best time to post for their dog business. As much as I would like to help and make a difference in your lives, we simply do not have the resources for that because I want to keep prices very low. You probably need a personal coaching and full Done-For-You solution and not this awesome checklist.

      • You don't like to adapt to change

      • Digital marketing is fast-paced. Facebook changes their advertising user interface many times in a year, but the foundations are always there and easily understood. If you are the type of person who gets irritated when the screenshot shows a certain button is on the right side of the screen but the platform suddenly moved it to the left, then this product is not for you. You probably need to hire a full-time digital marketer.

      • You don't take action

      • This is a very awesome product. But if you buy this and then postpone indefinitely the things you need to do, then this will just be a waste of money for you. This product is meant to help take things to a higher level. I really want you to succeed and I hope that if you decide to purchase this, you will immediately take action even if it's just for a few minutes everyday. I know this because I am guilty of this myself. I have a lot of ebooks and videos that I have never opened, and that's the reason why I am producing this product which is very easy to follow.

      • You don't have a device and an internet connection

      • Ok this was meant as joke. I don't have to explain this, right haha!


      IS FOR YOU...

      • This product is for you if you offer services and you want to increase your fees by adding premium services

      • If you are a freelancer,  time is your main capital. You can only do so much in a day. By adding premium services, you can increase your rates with very little additional time. For example if you are  a Social Media Manager, you can tell your client that you can add conversion tracking on different channels and SEO on her website. With your checklist, you can do all these things very fast. You can easily double or triple your income. Additionally, with this checklist you can take on more clients because you can easily assign or outsource some tasks to other people. You can even outsource to newbies because you have a checklist to let them hit the ground running. You could turn into an agency in such a very short time

      • This is for you if you are small business owner and you want to level up your your income through digital marketing

      • So many small business owners want to go online but could not do so because they could not afford the rates of digital marketers. With this Digital Marketing Toolkit, you can run this on your own and your learning curve is so much faster. If there are some areas where you need to watch videos, this toolkit will make it easier for you to follow your courses.

      • This is for you if you are a big business owner and you want your staff to have the proper guide, especially if your existing staff have little experience. 

      • One of the greatest asset of your business is time. Yes, you can tell your staff to do their own research and make your own checklist, but realize that it will take so many weeks for a person to all these things and you would end up spending more on salary. The price of this bundle is even less than the average daily salary of a marketing staff. It would be such a waste if you let your staff do this for a couple weeks when he or she could have ramped your campaign right off the bat.

      • This is for you if you own or run an agency

      • If you have this toolkit, you instantly turn your manpower into a team of multi-taskers. You can now take on more clients and have more freedom to rotate your personnel because you are confident that they can all do what is required. Every member of your team instantly becomes a complete marketer because of this game-changing tool.

      • This is for you if you are a sales person and you want to have more sales on autopilot

      • If you are a salesperson, you will be eaten alive by your competition if they have this toolkit and you don't. This toolkit will help you create omnipresence - being everywhere your customer. It builds your personal brand allows you to build authority. You will be able to easily follow leads who are very eager to buy through different remarketing and retargeting strategies

      • This is for you if you are a professional and you want more people to avail of your service

      • If you offer a service and you have this toolkit, you will leave your competition biting your dust. You will be building your brand 10x faster than any of them. Otherwise, you will biting the competition's dust if they get this toolkit and you don't. Imagine yourself being a dermatologist and your competition, whose clinic is beside yours, decides to buy this affordable to toolkit and implements the steps. In no time, his clinic will be overflowing with premium clients as you watch him get all the money away from you

      • This is for you if you are a sales leader or a network marketer and you want to build your organization on autoppilot

      • With this toolkit, you will be able to implement strategies that will make you recruit even while you are sleeping. In fact, you can recruit anywhere worldwide even as you take your time at the beach with your family. This product is a no-brainer not only because of the quality but more so due to it's ridiculous low price

      Choose From The Packages Below

        Social Media Bundle

        30+ Checklists

      • Facebook

      • TikTok

      • Twitter

      • LinkedIn

      • Snapchat

      • Pinterest

      • Email Marketing

      • Wordpress



      You Save 90%

      Buy It Now

        Google Bundle

        30+ Checklists

      • Google Ads

      • Google Analytics

      • Google Tag Manager

      • Google My Business

      • Google Search Console

      • Google Optimize

      • Youtube Optimization

      • Search Engine Optimization



      You Save 90%

      Buy It Now

        Entire Library

        60+ Checklists

      • Social Media Bundle

      • Google Bundle

      • Bonus 1: Lifetime Updates (Everytime I update this bundle, you will get a copy)

      • Bonus 2: SEO CheckList

      • Bonus 3: Google My Business Checklist

      • Bonus 4: Email Marketing Templates

      • Bonus 5: Using Psychological Selling Triggers



      You Save 92%

      Buy It Now

      What are you waiting for


      I know you are at the point of getting this because there is just no reason why you should not. There is just no way justification not to get this.

      If you fail to get this and your competition crushes you because of this, there will be no more opportunity to regain lost time and lost opportunities. Get your copy now!

      This is the last toolkit you will ever need to level up your game and crush your competition.


      Digital Academy instructor